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Auktion: Schmuck Münzen Uhren

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RING - 750 yellow gold (2,8g); ring band set with obliquely offset rubies; in the center a scissor-cut ruby surrounded by 12 brilliant-cut diamond...

SIGNET RING, 585 yellow gold (8,75 g); ring head with monogram "LG" and inner engraving "MARCO", ring size 54/55.

RING - 585 yellow gold (2.88 g), set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds in the shape of a flower Ring size 53/54

Pearl necklace - 1-link pearl necklace (58 pearls) with centered round relief safety clasp (585 white gold) and incorporated pearl; marked "JKa" a...

Lot 5


Chain (585 yellow gold) consisting of a plurality of single-linked elements; set with nine jade stones of different shapes and sizes; marked on th...

HUNTING BROOCH, 835 silver (11,9g), in the shape of a hunting horn with a tooth of a wild animal framed by oak leaves. Diameter: 3 cm

NECKLACE / COLLIER, silver on 750 gold setting, openwork and alternately strung with baroque natural pearls; oval pendant in the shape of a medall...

RING - 750 yellow gold, (7.7 g), ring band with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.05 ct each in bezel setting. Ring size 50.

RING - 750 yellow gold (3,2 g), ring with staircase set brilliant-cut diamonds in floral design with knob setting. Ring size 51/52.

Bracelet - 585 white gold with on the front side three rows with 21 diamonds (0,05 ct, total 1,05 ct). Safety clasp marked inside with 585. Length...

Tahitian pearl necklace in baroque shape with 925 silver clasp, consisting of 33 knotted cultured pearls strung together. Length: 41.6 cm.

Lot 12

Jewelry set

Jewelry set (925 silver), consisting of necklace and bracelet, total weight: 42.53 g, length: 19 cm and 44.5 cm.

RING - 585 white gold, (4 g) set with one diamond 0,1 ct. Ring band marked inside "VB" and fineness; ring size 51/52.

Lot 14

Garnet brooch

Garnet brooch (333 yellow gold setting), in hexagonal look, set with a variety of garnets of different sizes in octagonal cut. Diameter: 3 cm, tot...

RING - 585 yellow gold (11,36 g) set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds of different sizes (1x 0,1 ct, 2x 0,05 ct, 2x 0,02 ct and 2x 0,01 ct) in channe...

Lot 16


NECKLACE (750 yellow gold, 6.49 g) with heart-shaped pendant; set with 13 diamonds á 0.02 ct (total 0.26 ct). Pendant: d. 1.5 cm; chain length: 42...

RING - 750 white gold (3,6 g) set with a baguette-cut emerald surrounded by 12 brilliant-cut diamonds, Ring size 58/59. (Traces of use)

BRILLANT RING - 750 yellow gold (8.8 g) set with seventeen brilliant-cut diamonds on corner-rounded rail (10 x 0.05 ct, 2 x 0.02 ct, 2 x 0.10 ct a...

RING-585 rose gold, 7,21 g). Ring in openwork diamond décor with large oval-cut tanzanite (l. 2.3 cm; w. 1.3 cm); ring size 63/64.

RING -585 yellow gold, (3.59 g) ring head with two brilliant-cut diamonds in bezel setting (0.1ct each) in the center, surrounded by ten other sma...

Lot 21


EAR PLUGS (585 yellow gold, 14 ct, 7,55 g). Ear studs in the shape of a half creole, decorated with a multitude of brilliant-cut diamonds in a cre...

PENDANT / BROOCH, 750 gold, 10,09 g) openwork; oval pendant in the shape of a medallion with blue enameled rim and juxtaposed volutes, behind glas...

Lot 23


PENDANT (925 silver on 585 yellow gold mount, 7,67 g), diamond-shaped pendant in floral design, tiered set with eleven jade stones and old-cut dia...

RING - 750 yellow gold (3,2 g) with one oval cut ruby and two brilliant-cut diamonds (0,02 ct), ring size 53/54.

Lot 25


PENDANT (925 silver; 3,25 g) pendant in the shape of a winged mythical creature; marked on the back "THAILAND", inside "THAI", h. 2,5 cm; w. 2 cm.

RING - 585 white gold (3,4 g) with one oval cut ruby and two brilliant-cut diamonds (0,02 ct), ring size 56.

Lot 27


EARPLUGS (925 silver, total weight: 8 g), Rectangular curved earplugs with diamonds (tested); safety clasp; l. 2 cm; w. 0.8 cm.

CHAIN WITH CROSS PENDANT, (925 silver; total weight: 5.6 g) Chain with silver pendant in design of curved cross set with diamonds; fineness indica...

Lot 29


RING (925 silver; 4 g), ring head in square decoration, ring band set with 28 clear and 22 black stones (zirconia), inner ring band with fineness ...

RING - 585 white gold (2.2 g), ring with 3 rubies and 4 brilliant-cut diamonds in bar setting with alternating sequence of gemstones, ring size 52...

Lot 31


OHRRINGE (925er Silber, 2,9 g.) Ohrringe in kreolischer Fom mit 12 eingesetzten dunklen Diamanten; D. 2 cm.

Lot 32


RIVIRERING (585 yellow gold; 5.88 g). Ring with five octagonal-cut diamonds (once 0.2 and four times 0.1 ct in total 0.6 ct) embedded in a silver-...

Lot 33


SOLITARY RING (585 yellow gold; 1.92 g) Ring head with one brilliant-cut diamond in a prong setting, marked 585 on the inside; ring size 55.

Lot 34


RING (925 silver, 4.92 g) Ring with a centrally set oval decorative element, ring rail in openwork decoration set with a multitude of marcasites, ...

Lot 35


RING (925 silver, 5.6 g). Ring with seven brilliant-cut aquamarines in channel setting; inner ring rail marked with fineness 925 and crown; ring s...

LONGION / LORGNON / LORGNETTE / CLAPP BRASSES (585 yellow gold, 21.8 g) c. 1900. Clap glasses with key-shaped handle and crowned capital. Folding ...

RING / signet ring (585 yellow gold, 9.76 g). Signet ring with black, rectangular, unengraved onyx plate in a bezel setting; inner ring rail with ...

RING - 585 white gold (2.6 g), curved ring band with centered brilliant cut sapphire, ring size 51.

RING - 750 yellow gold and platinum (3.9 g), ring band half platinum and half yellow gold, set with 3 diamonds in each precious metal area, ring s...

FIGURAL BROOCH: lizard, 20th century, 925 silver, 7 grammes. Figural brooch of a lizard set with a multitude of marcasites and two small rubies. P...

RING - 333 yellow gold (1.79 g); ring set with 6 light red stones in floral shape and one centered dark red diamond cut stone. Ring size 50.

RING 750 YELLOW GOLD (2.74 g), ring with a sapphire in rubbed setting in the center; ring size 50/51.

RING - 585er Weißgold (3,41 g), besetzt mit einem gelben Diamanten im Brillantschliff in Krappenfassung (0,2 ct), Ringgröße 53.

Lot 44


EAR RINGS (585 yellow gold, 2.4 g). Earrings with drop-cut green gemstone in a dome setting, below three small brilliant-cut green gemstones; rece...

RING - 585 white gold (5.2 g), ring with vier square inset diamonds; openwork ring head, ring size 54.

RING - 585 yellow gold (3.7 g), curved ring band with rubies in wavy channel setting, ring size 51/52.

Lot 47


CHAIN (clasps in 585 and 375 yellow gold, 70,8 g). Necklace with facet cut gemstones (lapis lazuli) strung together, individually knotted. Chain w...

Lot 48


CHAIN (clasp made of 925 silver, 62,87 g). Braided pearl necklace made of four strands consisting of dark and light freshwater pearls; with lobste...

Gemstone Necklace, made of faceted, gradient turquoise gemstones, mounted on spherical magnetic clasp of 925 silver, gold-plated; because of ring ...

Lot 50


ENDLESS-CHAIN with light gray bead strand; individually knotted. Beads d. 5 mm. L. 57 cm.

Lot 51


PEARL CHAIN IN BAROQUE SHAPE WITH RED GEMSTONES , alternately strung. Faceted gemstones and baroque pearls; spherical magnetic clasp (925 silver, ...

Lot 52


BEAD CHAIN with spherical safety clasp made of 925 silver. Pearls individually knotted and slightly gradient strung. Beads d. from 8,5 to 9,5 mm; ...

PRECIOUS STONE CHAIN with color gradient made of different polished stones (carnelians, moonstones, rock crystals, coral, etc.); endless chain, l....

Gemstone necklace made of green faceted stones of different sizes, arranged in rows. Magnetic clasp in 585 yellow gold, l. 48.5 cm.

Gemstone necklace made of moonstones cut in the shape of discs and arranged in rows; centered with a black ball (D. 1.4 cm), continuously set with...

Lot 56


PEARL CHAIN, pearls in olive shape, individually knotted and slightly gradient strung, with spherical magnetic clasp, (925 silver); pearl d. 10 to...

Lot 57


PEARL CHAIN with colored gemstones, faceted cut and strung alternately with semicircular pearls; spherical magnetic clasp (375 yellow gold); pearl...

Lot 58

Tahiti pearl

Tahiti pearl necklace with 750 white gold clasp; pearls individually knotted. Pearl d. 6.5 mm; l. 55 cm.

double rigged pearl necklace with light gray and white pearl strand; gold plated magnetic clasp with lobster clasp (925 silver); clasp with a capi...

CHAIN WITH PEARLS AND GEMINES of different shapes and sizes, alternating and partly grouped in rows: rock crystals, rose quartz, moonstone, freshw...

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