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Depicting Chinese Emperor and Empress, 19th Century, 100 x 180 cm.

Depicting Chinese man carrying a frog on his back, 38 cm. tall.

Depicting crab and beatle, 6 cm. long.

Depicting god sitting on lion, 11 cm. tall.

46 cm. tall, set with stones.

Depicting landscape scene, 32 x 44 cm.

Los 7234

A Jade Sculpture

Depicting a pig, 5 cm. long.

Decorated with Chinese figures and diverse landscapes, 37 cm. tall, small parts of glaze missing on rim.

Signed poem, 25 x 36 cm.

Gilt bronze mounting, 25 cm. tall.

Including carved jade, Quanyin and Buddha, tallest is 13 cm. including wood base.

Los 9027

A Brush Rest

Depicting a mountain, 11 cm. tall.

Including 1 gilt bronze and 1 cast iron, tallest is 27 cm.

Depicting duck, 15 cm. long.

Decorated with flower blossoms, signed, 33 x 24 cm.

Depicting crickets in garden, Chinese poem and signature on upper right side of tile, frame measures 23 x 30 cm.

A very large private collection of photographs inlcuding many vintage Indonesian. Also including postcards.

20 cm. tall.

28 cm. tall.

Decorated with flowers, 8 cm. long.

Including one gilt bronze, tallest is 12 cm., small parts missing.

On wood base, 32 cm. tall including base, chip.

Depicting Buddha seated on boar, 16 cm. tall.

Floral decor with birds, 57 x 105 cm.

Depicting warriors on horseback, 22 cm. tall.

Shown holding staff and peach, 10 cm. tall.

Very fine detailed carvings, 16 cm. tall.

Three early 20th Century cold painted bronze studies, all of dogs; a French Bulldog, Jack Russell and Pug, dimensions of largest 4cm x 1.5cm x 2....

After the Antique a late 19th Century Grand Tour Study miniature bronze figure of a Roman youth, standing, 13cm high

Two bronze figures, modelled in the antique style, one of a woman in classical attire holding a bowl in one hand and a jug in the other, height 1...

A large mid 20th Century wooden painted sign for Allans stating 'We apologise for temporary inconvenience', 63cm x 185cm

An Art Deco plaster wall pocket, in the form of a fahionable woman's head with a rose clutched to face, painted in colours, reverse impressed RD n...

A Victorian Bacon's Excelsior map of Devon and Cornwall, showing railways, roads, elevations and distances, also local government divisions includ...

A group of European ivory and bone studies, one a goose fair figure mounted upon a wooden base, height 11.5cm, another a French study of Joan of ...

Six books on the subject of miniature portraiture, two signed, together with a Bonhams sale catalogue, to include 'The Arturi Phillips Collection'...

A quantity of Victorian and later ephemera, including political prints including one making a pun on cock fighting, a couple of mid 20th Century ...

A watercolour portrait miniature of a lady in a bonnet, 8cm x 7cm, together with an early 20th Century circular framed photograph of a baby and a...

A Daguerreotype of a miniature portrait of a gentleman, together with four ambrotypes, one tinted example, the cases a/f (5)