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A 19th Century Japanese Meiji period antique hand carved ivory figurine of a leaping horse. Detailed features with flowing tail and mane. Unsigned...

Floral decor, Xuande mark, 16 cm. tall, small parts of glaze missing.

Iron red dragon decor, Jiaqing mark, 14 cm. tall.

14 cm. tall, hairline.

Jug is Kangxi Period, 13 cm. tall.

Guangxu Mark and Period, 10 cm. in diameter, hairline.

Los 7027

A Chinese Censer

Crackleware decor, 14 cm. in diameter.

4 items including a Doucai decor plate, 16 cm. in diameter, plate is restored.

Los 7029

A Yixing Teapot

Decorated with Chinese text, cover with temple lion, marked with seal mark on bottom, 15 cm. tall.

Blue and white decors, ginger jar is 15 cm. tall, chip.

Blue and white landscape decor, 16 cm. tall, hairline in glaze on bottom.

Floral decor, Qianlong Period, 24 cm. in diameter, hairline.

Including Yongzheng Mark, saucer is 11 cm. in diameter, chip.

Including 2 vases with covers, tallest is 26 cm.

Decorated with ladies in garden, Qianlong mark, 27 cm. in diameter.

Wu Shuang Pu decor, 14 cm. tall, chip inside of cover, hairline in teapot.

Marked with 6 Chinese characters, 21 cm. in diameter, scratches in glaze.

Depicting Chinese ladies, 28 cm. in diameter.

Los 7048

A Nanking Vase

Depicting Chinese warriors on horseback, incised 4 character mark on bottom, 35 cm. tall, restoration on handles.

Depicting Chinese figures in garden, 32 cm. tall.

Qianlong period, floral decor, 26 cm. tall.

Wu Shuang Pu decor, including Daoguang Mark, largest is 7 cm. in diameter.

Floral decor, 17 cm. tall, chip and hairline.

Landscape decor with Chinese figures surrounding bowl with peach decor in center of bowl, Jiaqing Mark, 21 cm. in diameter.

Floral decor with birds, Yongzheng Period, 38 cm. in diameter.

Depicting Chinese figures, 20 cm. in diameter, fritting on edge.

Decorated with Chinese characters and symbols, Guangxu mark, saucers are 12 cm. in diameter, fritting on edges.

Depicting rocks in garden, 20 cm. tall.

Saucer is 15 cm. in diameter, Daoguang Mark, hairline.

Depicting birds in garden, Guangxu Mark, 10 cm. in diameter.

Floral decor, including Chenghua Mark, 22 cm. in diameter, chip and hairline.

Tongzhi mark, 14 cm. in diameter, hairline.

Blue and white floral decor, marked with double ring, 25 cm. tall.

Qianlong Mark, 26 cm. tall.

Marked Tongzhi, 17 cm. in diameter.

13 cm. tall, Qianlong mark,

Depicting fruit, Qianlong mark, 9 cm. in diameter.

Kylin decor, 19 cm. tall, chip.

Tallest vase is 30 cm. tall. chip.

Los 7123

Two Vases

Including Cantonese and one brown glazed vase marked Antique Style for the Hall of Constant Abundance, Cantonese vase is 25 cm. tall.

Los 7124

Two Small Vases

Polychrome decors, tallest vase is marked Qianlong and restored.

8 cm. in diameter, Chenghua Mark.

19th Century, including floral and chinese figural decor, tallest is 17 cm.

Both with seal marks on bottom, tallest teapot is 11 cm. tall, fritting.

19th Century, 24 cm. tall, chip.

Light green ground with floral Famille Rose enamels, Qianlong Mark, glaze missing inside rim, 30 cm tall.

Polychrome decor depicting turkey in garden, 50 x 37 cm.

Depicting crickets on rock, 21 cm. in diameter.

Floral decor, Chenghua Mark, 16 cm. in diameter.

Los 7152

Two Wanli Plates

Shipwreck find, 21 cm. in diameter.

Los 7153

A Teabox

Yongzheng Period, decorated with Chinese figures playing music, 12 cm. tall, small part missing on base.

Wanli Mark, 23 cm. in diameter.

Lion head decor, 14 cm. in diameter.

Landscape decor of Chinese figures, Chenghua Mark, 20 cm. tall.

Including 18th Century,depciting Chinese figures, 23 cm. in diameter, chip and hairline.

Famille Rose decors with Chinese text, 22 cm. in diameter.

Shipwreck find, 28 cm. in diameter, fritting.


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