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QUICKSILVER CARBIN FIBRE FLY ROD, along with a cane fishing rod (2)

Two fly fishing tackle boxes, one containing four Rapala lures, spools of line, hooks, clasp knives etc, box sizes 48 cm x 29 cm x 24 cm and 48 cm...

Eight carbon fly & coarse fishing rods, to include Middy feeder and waggler rods, Abu Garcia, Leeda, Swing Tips and others, with rod bags & rod po...

A QUANTITY OF FLY AND COARSE FISHING EQUPMENT, to include an Intrepid Ramly King Size reel, a Garcia Mitchell 300 reel in poor condition, a Garcia...

Fishing reels, flies and equipment, a Shakespeare fishing box, Garcia Mitchell 710 automatic fly reel and spare spool, British Modular 75 reel, Pe...

A Barbour fly fishing waistcoat, +/- Size XL.

A Collection of J.W. Young & Sons Fly Fishing Reels, to include Beaudex 3 3/4, Beaudex 3 1/2, Condex 3 1/2 broad cartridge, Condex 3 1/2 standard ...

Fifteen books on fly tying, fishing etc. to include "Fly Tying" by Raymond Sugg, Ken Whitehead and Alan Vare and "Fishing A Highland Stream, a Low...

A Silstar Traditional fly 300 trout fly rod, in two sections, 3 m line 6-8, together with a Daiwa Graphite trout fly rod in two sections.

Fifteen books on fishing - "Fly and Minnow" by W.F.R. Reynolds and "Trout Waters" by Wilson H Armistead (AF).

A collection of fly fishing equipment, to include spare spools (possibly from a Hardy reel), flies, fly lines etc

A Daiwa Wilderness fly fishing waistcoat Size M, together with a Klobber waterproof wading jacket Size M.

A collection of fly fishing items and General fishing items, to include a Shakespeare Beaulite, two small wooden reels, various floats and accesso...

Bruce & Walker a Silver Stream salmon fly rod in three sections, 12'.

Bruce & Walker a carbon Bruce salmon fly rod in three sections 12'.

Hardy Favourite Graphite fly rod, in three sections 10' 6", line 7-8 (AF).

Hardy Graphite Deluxe trout fly rod, in six sections, 215 cm, line 7.

Hardy Jet trout fly rod, marked Reservoir, in two sections 9' 3", line 10.

A Shakespeare Deluxe travel fly rod, in six sections 2.5 m, line 5-6.

A Shakespeare Professional trout fly rod, in two sections 2.7 m, line 6-7.

A trout fly rod in two sections, 9' line 6, together with a spinning rod in two sections 8' 8" and a Hardy cloth two section rod bag +/- 140 cm.

Hardy Graphite Deluxe trout fly rod, in two sections 10' line 7-8.

Sage a Graphite 3 GFL salmon fly rod, in three sections, 15', line 10.

Foster Bros Ashbourne Derbyshire, a split cane trout fly rod labelled The Perfect, in three sections, 11'.

Hardy split cane trout fly rod titled "The Featherweight Perfection Rod Palakona" in two sections 9' (AF).

Elebe a Pro Series trout fly rod, in two sections 8', line 3-4.

Bruce & Walker a Walker salmon fly rod, in three sections 14', line 10-12.

A Sharpes of Aberdeen Eighty Three split cane trout fly rod, with Scottie trademark, in two sections, 8' 1".

Sharpe of Aberdeen a split cane salmon fly rod "The Braemar" with Scottie dog motif, in three sections, 12'.

Two rods John Dickson & Son Edinburgh "The Castle", split cane trout fly rod in three sections, 10', together with a Cummings of Darlington split ...

Three split cane trout fly rods, Edgar Sealy Octopus Deluxe in three sections with two tips 9' 6", Kerry of Stockton Pickering Yorks, in two secti...

Eleven books on fly tying, to include "Trout and Salmon Flies of Scotland" by Stan Hedley and "The Anglers Sedge Tying and Fishing The Caddis" by ...

A vintage fishing bag, filled with a Shimano SSG 3000X fixed spool reel, trout flies, Hardy fly line, line winder, "The Truth About Tackle" by Der...

Two rods, a Master Spin spinning rod in two sections, 8', together with a salmon fly rod in three sections, 12' 8".

Los 803

Alex Martin,

Alex Martin, a leatherette covered box marked to the top Parachute Flies Kill More Fish Alex Martin Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling, contai...

Two spinning rods, a Shakespeare O-Series Graphite Glass rod, in two sections 3.03 m, A Millbro rod, in two sections 8' 9" and an Apollo tubular s...


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