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A Dinky Toys 734 Supermarine Swift Fighter jet plane produced 1955 – 1962, gray and olive camouflage and in original box Condition Report: Avai...

FIVE TELEVISION & FILM-RELATED DIECAST MODEL VEHICLES circa 1960s, by Dinky, and Corgi, including a Batmobile and Batboat, variable condition, al...

ASSORTED DIECAST MODEL VEHICLES most circa 1960s-70s, by Matchbox (7), Corgi (4), Dinky (2), Siku (1), and Yonezawa (1), variable condition, gene...

ASSORTED DINKY DIECAST MODEL VEHICLES circa 1950s, comprising a No.571, Coles Mobile Crane, yellow and black, with yellow grooved hubs, generally...

ELEVEN ASSORTED DIECAST MODEL COMMERCIAL VEHICLES including three re-liveried Dinky A.E.C. tankers, variable condition, all unboxed. Condition Re...

ASSORTED DINKY, BRITAINS & OTHER FARM IMPLEMENTS, ANIMALS & ACCESSORIES variable condition, generally playworn, all unboxed.


A Mini 1959-1989 commemorative book together with Corgi die-cast Mini in presentation box and a selection of various die-cast Mini vehicles includ...

A Dinky Supertoys 20 ton Lorry Mounted Crane, Corgi Greyhound Coach, Tri-ang Open Lorry and two others (5)

Dinky toys - 162 Ford Zephyr, repainted; Vanguard Austin Van and others together with a modern Dinky Daimler Ambulance, boxed

Three mint and boxed Dinky diecast E-type Jaguars and a Corgi No. 374 mint and boxed E-type Jaguar (4)

A selection of various die-cast vehicles including Dinky trains, various Britains farmyard figures, painted metal footballing figures and various ...

Dinky Supertoys - 943 Leyland Octopus tanker, repainted with modern box and 905 Foden flat trunk, repainted with modern box (2)

Dinky Toys - AA motorcycle and sidecar, police motorcycle and sidecar and two other motorcycles

Dinky - five various early vehicles including Packard, Ford Sedan, Bedford lorry (5)

Dinky Toys - 180 Packard Clipper, Plymouth Plaza and a Nash Rambler (3)

Dinky Toys - 999 D H Comet airliner in original box

dinky fire engine

dinkys super toys elevator

corgis and dinkys

Dinky Toys, 6 Fahrzeuge, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Z 1-2

Dinky Toys, Renault 4L, Spain, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1, Z 1-

Dinky Toys, Alpine Renault A 310, France, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1, Z 1

Dinky Toys, 192 Range Rover, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-2, Z 1

Dinky Toys, 437 Muir Hill 2-WL Loader, England, 1:43, Druckguss, LM, Okt Z 1-, Z 2-

Dinky Toys, 269 Ford Transit Police Accident Unit, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-, Z 1

Dinky Toys, Armoured Command Car 602, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1, Z 1

Dinky Supertoys, 983 Car Carrier With Trailer, England, 1:43, Druckguss, min. LM, Okt, Z 2

Dinky Supertoys, 986 Mighty Antar Low Loader With Propeller, England, Druckguss, Okt, min. LM, Z 1-2

Dinky Supertoys, 955 Fire Engine, England, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-, Z 1-

Dinky Supertoys, 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck, England, 1:43, LM, Okt, Z 2

Dinky Supertoys, 958 Snow Plough, England, Druckguss, min. LM, Okt, Z 1-2

Dinky Supertoys, 886 Profileur 100 Richier, France, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-, Z 1-

Dinky Toys, Breakdown Lorry, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 2, Z 1-

Dinky Toys, 554 Opel Rekord, France, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-2, Z 1-

Dinky Toys, 24T Citroen 2 CV, France, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 2, Z 2+

Dinky Toys, 421 Electric Articulated Lorry, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt Z 1-, Z 1-

Dinky Toys, 259 Fire Engine, England, 1:43, Druckguss, Okt, Z 1-2

Dinky Toys, Corgi Toys, 2 Filmkameraautos, Druckguss, 1:43, LM, 1x Okt, Z 2

Dinky Toys, Spot On, Vespa 2 CV + Friskysport, Druckguss, 1:43, LM

Dinky, Cragstan, 2 x Corvette, 1:43, Okt. Z 1/2, Z 1

Dinky Toys, C111, Ford GT, De Tomaso, England, 1:43, Okt. Z 1-/2-, Z 1/1-

Dinky Toys, Konvolut Militärmodelle, 1:43, Druckguss, teilw. LM, Z 1-3

Matchbox, Dinky, Siku, Konvolut Fahrzeuge + Zubehör, bespielt, bitte besichtigen

Dinky Toys, Konvolut Fahrzeuge, 1:43, Druckguss, meist Z 1

Dinky 355 Lunar Roving Vehicle + Corgi Toys James Bond Moonraker Space Shuttle, England, Okt, Z 1/1-

LOT OF CORGI AND DINKY MAGAZINES, along with others including Meccano and Matchbox

LOT OF DIE-CAST MODEL VEHICLES, including Dinky, Corgi, and Matchbox, the majority loose


HORNBY GAUGE O TRAIN SET, comprising an engine, tender, carriages and track, in original box, along with further boxed carriages and accessories, ...


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