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  • Keramik, Fayencen (5135)
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SWEBACH (SWEBACH - DEFONTAINE) (Swebach dit Desfontaines) JACQUES FRANCOIS JOSEPH (1769-1823) Russian peddler sketch for a porcelain plate waterc...

A Sevre bis?uit bust of the Emperor Alexander I, after a model by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844) France, Sevres Porcelain Manufactory, 1826 Biscui...

JACQUES FERRAND (1943-2007) La descendance du comte Alexis Ivanovitch Moussine-Pouchkine (1744-1817) Paris: [Ferrand], 2002. - 82, [9] p.: il.

5-piece earthenware garniture with polychrome chinoiserie decor, marked bottom B:P, 19th century, 27.5 cm and 32 cm high (2 lids with damage and 1...

2 earthenware knob vases with blue chinoiserie decor, marked Porceleyne Fles Delft, 1 vase marked with painter A Koert, year letter 1898 and 1 vas...

Marked Bassano Italy, earthenware statue Pieta, 50 cm high

3 earthenware cupboard bowls with polychrome decor in chinoiserie style, marked De Paeuw, 19th century, 14 cm high, 26 cm diameter (rim wear and h...

Earthenware Delft candlestick with blue decor, ca. 1875, 39 cm high

Los 2084

Tray/wall plate

Solid oak polychrome painted tray/wall plate with the text "The steak of the hare is the boss of all meat", 42 cm high, 46 cm wide and 7 cm deep

2 earthenware dishes with blue chinoiserie decor and contoured edge, marked Porceleyne Fles Delft, painter HB, year 1916, 35 cm diameter

Los 2111

Metal dog

Metal dog with chain, 35 cm high, 65 cm long, kind of dachshund, resembling Flos

Earthenware lidded vase and vase, marked Porceleyne Fles Delft, year letters 1969 and 1972, 37 cm and 38 cm high

5-piece Delft earthenware garniture with decor of oxen and floral details, Holland ca. 1800, 42 cm high (various damage and restorations)

6-person large and small cutlery with salad servers and serving spoon, Indoor Dansk Design

Los 4002

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with blue decor, Delft 19th century, 34 cm diameter

Los 4003

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with blue flower decor, Delft 17th century, 35 cm diameter

Los 4004

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with blue decor with flower basket, Delft 17th century, 35 cm diameter

Los 4005

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with blue decor of tree, fence and flowers, Delft ca. 1700, 35 cm diameter

Los 4006

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with scalloped edge and blue decor, Delft 19th century, 35 cm diameter

Los 4007

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish in Wanli style with blue decor of 2 figures in a landscape, Delft 17th century, 34 cm diameter (restored)

Earthenware figurine of a horse with polychrome decor after an antique Delft example, 22 cm high

Earthenware tulip vase with blue decor and 2 heads of sea creatures, after an antique Delft model, 30 cm high (restoration)

Los 4015


Anonymous, 2 ceramic figurines of women, 14.5 and 16 cm high

South Holland Gouda 2 pottery lidded pots model 1052, decor Chrysanthemums, 35 cm high (neck of 1 with damage)

Los 4018

Earthenware dish

Earthenware dish with Imari decor, Delft ca. 1700, 23 cm diameter

Los 4095

3 pen holders

3 brass Ottoman pen holders ca. 1900 and majolica pen holder 12 cm diameter

Lot with 7 figurines of dogs, the largest of which is a sheepdog, 23 cm high, 32 cm long

Jan van Stolk (1920-1997) 2 earthenware vases with fish and giraffe decor, 17.5 and 18 cm high

Potterie Cor Unum, 2 green earthenware vases, 17 and 24 cm high and a yellow vase design Olaf Stevens, 28 cm high

Los 4148

Royal Delft

Royal Delft earthenware dish with decor after Ton Schulten, 21/180, 43 cm diameter

Los 4190

Tichelaar Makkum

Tichelaar Makkum 2 earthenware wall dishes, 1 with landscape decor, 35 cm diameter and 1 with floral decor, 32 cm diameter

Los 4194

Tichelaar Makkum

3 Tichelaar Makkum earthenware dishes with Frisian sayings, 26 cm and 28 cm in diameter (1 dish with some glaze spots on the edge)

Earthenware Yixing teapot with wicker handle and relief of a dragon, Japan ca. 1900, 19 cm high

2 earthenware dishes, including with green glaze, 6 cm high, 12 cm diameter and 4.5 cm high, 15.5 cm diameter

Earthenware glazed vase, 96 cm high

Los 188



of circular serpentine shape with Indian tree pattern decoration. 52 x 50 cm.

of baluster faceted form, with scroll handles and doucai decoration. 11 cm. high; 17 cm. wide

Comprising: 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates, 6 salad plates, 6 side plates, 5 dessert bowls, 3 saucers, 6 tea cups, 6 mugs, tea pot, sugar bowl, cr...

Grecian pattern, each of oval shape, graduated. Largest: 46 x 63 cm.; smallest: 42 x 53 cm.

Comprising: 8 cups, 8 saucers, 5 side plates, cream jug. Each with painted and parcel-gilt decoration.

of circular form, with painted decoration depicting highland cattle in a landscape. Signed. 9 cm. high; 23 cm. diameter

with painted floral decoration and gilded handles. 19 cm. high

with polychrome decoration. 14 cm. high; 13 cm. wide

of bulbous form. 5 cm. high

with applied Royal arms, vine leaves and grapes, knights on horseback, and a lion passant. 38 cm. high; 30 cm. diameter

of lobed circular form, raised on a carved hardwood base. 4 cm. high; 6 cm. square

of baluster form. 22 cm. high; 15 cm. wide

having dark grey crackles running through its celadon glaze, the foot rim dressed in a brown wash. Provenance: the Carlow Collection 31.4 cm. high

decorated with putti. 24 cm. diameter

Comprising: 2 teapots, hot water jug, 2 cream jugs and 2 sugar bowls. 19.5 cm. high and lower

of bulbous form with a long neck and scroll handles to the fore, raised on a circular foot. 17 cm. high

of bulbous form, with lug handle. 25 cm. high; 25 cm. wide

of baluster form. 48 cm. high; 26 cm. wide

Inscribed "Who Fears to Speak of '98". (1798 - 1898). 38 cm. high

of ovoid form with a trumpet neck, and painted decoration depicting sheep in a landscape. Signed. 20 cm. high

of oval serpentine form, with Imari decoration. 53 x 43 cm.

of oval serpentine form, with Imari decoration. 30 x 40 cm.


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