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Suitcase with 4 Barbies, 1 times Mattel and 3 times Mattel Malaysia

Dreamer, No. 1, with give-away bracelet (1981); Kim, No. 1 (1982); Suzy, No. 1 (1982); Nikki, No. 1 (1985); Sindy, No. 1 (1985); Barbie,...

50th Anniversary - 1959 'The Original Teenage Fashion Model La Premiere Poupee Barbie' doll, boxed and with change of clothing. In original Barbie...

Boxed Mattel Barbie SurfCity 28417 doll plus a Jackie Kennedy doll marked 'Jackie' to side (Franklin Mint) in grubby condition (2)

Quantity of mainly contemporary dolls to include Barbie, Action Man etc plus a Dolls Fashion Anthology book (three boxes)

Two boxed Mattel Barbie dolls in wheelchairs to include no. 165 & 166 plus a boxed Pedigree Sindy Shower and an unboxed Sindy armchair & sofa set

Mixed toys to include a Mattel Barbie 1970s clothed fashion doll, 1970s Action Man (marked CPG Products - head detached) and a group of boxed / c...

Quantity of mixed toys to include include a collection of metal Wild West figures and accessories, 2 x opened carded Viewmaster (Lion King & Barbi...

BARBIE - COLLECTION OF VARIOUS DOLLS & ACCESSORIES including some Avon exclusive editions, all boxed and including Barbie as Rapunzel, Barbie Odet...


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