Two Day Antiques & Home Sale 22nd & 23rd August

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room Lichfield, Staffordshire


Two Day Antiques & Home Sale 22nd & 23rd August

Auktion beendet (2 Tag(e) Verkauf)



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ASSORTED WHITE METAL ITEMS, to include an order of St John medallion, three white metal bracelets, a white metal spoon, stamped 830s, together wit...

A COLLECTION OF MEDALS AND COINS, to include a cased medal in commemoration of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902, two base metal medals the...

THREE BOXES AND LOOSE PICTURES ETC, to include three vintage razor blade counter top display signs - Gilette and Wilkinson Sword, Frederick Reming...

THREE BOXES OF ARCHERY ARROWS, a boxed set of eight metal 'Regency Mark II' arrows, a box containing seven 'Regency' metal arrows plus another arr...

FANCY DRESS, two 1960s vintage children's Western cowboy outfits, holsters, toy gun, Deputy Dan spurs, handcuffs, chaps, waistcoat and one 'Emerge...

A BOX OF VINYL SINGLES, over two hundred and fifty records, plain and picture sleeves, a few have larger holes for jukeboxes, artists to include M...

A BOX OF MILITARY RELATED ITEMS, to include a WW2 officers cap with Royal Engineers bronze cap badge (lining perished), a postcard album holding s...

BOOKS & EPHEMERA, four boxes containing approximately eighty titles, mostly historical from authors including Winston S. Churchill (four volumes o...

THREE ROBERT TAYLOR MILITARY AVIATION THEMED PRINTS, comprising 'Spitfire' signed in pencil by Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson, 'Lancaster' sign...

A DREMMEL 300 MULTITOOL with a Dremel 220 workstation attachment along with another multitool drill press attachment and a Dremel stylus 1100 and...

A LARGE QUANTITY OF VINTAGE AND MODERN TOOLS AND SPARES to include marking tools, ELU router, heat gun, AEG angle grinder, spare grinding discs, d...