Auction September 2022

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Auktion beendet (5 Tag(e) Verkauf)
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Auction September 2022

Arts & Antiques | Live: keine Zusatzkosten / no extra charge

Auktion beendet (5 Tag(e) Verkauf)


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Dutch double-curved oak chest of drawers on claw feet and with 3 drawers, Holland approx. 1790, 76 cm high, 101 cm wide, 50 cm deep (fixer-upper)

Los 3

Oak cabinet

Oak cabinet with decorated hood and double curved 3-drawer base cabinet, Holland ca. 1775, 235 cm high, 201 cm wide, 65 cm deep

Oak Renaissance-style credential cabinet with fine carvings, 2 doors, 2 drawers, open section, 2 pull-out shelves, panels with angel heads, lion m...

Los 5

Oak cabinet

Oak cabinet, Holland ca. 1800, 285 cm high, 187 cm wide, 52 cm deep

Burr walnut on oak Louis XV cabinet with a contoured cap rail on which a rocaille crest is fired. 2 panel doors and 3-drawer double-curved base ca...

Solid oak 2-door Louis XVI tendril cabinet with straight hood rail, among others. decorated bow frames, birds in tendrils, doors with cushions and...

Oak blanket chest with stitching in panels and flanked by fluting, 65 cm high, 126 cm wide and 51 cm deep

Oak miniature linen press with blackened accents and 3 drawers, Holland 19th century, 89 cm high

Faceted mirror in walnut veneer frame with brass ornaments, in Louis Seize style, early 20th century, 2 meters high, 112 cm wide (light weather in...

Los 11

Gate cabinet

Oak 2-door gate cabinet with carved ornaments and standing on boulders, Holland 17th century, 189 cm high, 141 cm wide, 61 cm deep

Los 12

Oak desk

Oak desk with 5 drawers and a pull-out platform on the left, inlaid with green leather top and standing on slender legs, 78 cm high, 155x75 cm

Los 13


Walnut richly decorated armchair with floral upholstery

Burr walnut veneer 1-door cabinet with curb and drawer, 140 cm high, 85 cm wide and 41 cm deep

Teak flap desk with stitching, 3 drawers and 10 drawers behind the flap, open compartments and drawer with storage space underneath, Indonesia 20t...

Los 16

Flap desk

Burr walnut veneer on oak flap desk with beautiful interior with many drawers, firm H Pander DenHaag, 102 cm high, 102 cm wide, 55 cm deep

Los 17

Oak flap desk

Oak flap desk with brass medallions and fluted decor on flap and drawers, Western Europe ca. 1900, 102 cm high, 112 cm wide and 59 cm deep

Antique solid oak 2-door wardrobe on slippers, wood is from the 18th and 19th century, 128 cm high, 137 cm wide, 50 cm deep

Walnut veneer 2-door display cabinet with glazed doors, pearl frame, curb with open-sawn parts, shelf and red upholstered interior with 3 shelves,...

Walnut with burr walnut veneer Jugendstil dressing table with beautiful stitching, fittings, facet cut mirrors and 6 drawers, 191 cm high, 197 cm ...

English mahogany veneer 7-drawer cabinet with twisted columns, 146 cm high, 129 cm wide, 59 cm deep

Horrix, 19th century walnut cabinet with 16 drawers and standing on a cross leg, on the hood a tempane with 3 bobbins. Drawers can be closed on bo...

Oak Dagobert chair with carved masks of jesters and lions, Holland 19th century, back is 97 cm high

Classic teak bench with fired ram heads, rosettes, brown leather padded seat, 65 cm high, 76 cm wide, 36 cm deep (damage to ram heads)

Los 25

2 armchairs

2 Louis Quinze style armchairs with polychrome colored frame and red upholstery with floral pattern

Walnut dressing table with marble top and folding mirrors, Pander Den Haagca. 1900, 168 cm high, 110 cm wide, 50 cm deep (again in mirror)

Classic wooden pedestal 118 cm high, 30.5x29.5 cm

Los 28


Walnut Decorated Armchair with Leather Back and Seat, Copper Tack Finished Edges

Los 29

Side table

Walnut veneer side table with 5 drawers, 75.5 cm high, 108 cm wide, 46 cm deep (circle on top)

Copper 12-light hanging lamp in a classic fixture with crystal icicles, 110 cm high

Art Deco hanging lamp with 5 arms, bronze frame with alabaster dishes, France ca. 1930, 28 cm high, 80 cm diameter

Los 33

Hanging lamp

Copper richly decorated Art Deco 8-light hanging lamp with opaline glass spheres, 120 cm high, 72 cm diameter

Art Deco hanging lamp with 4 pasta glass shades and 2 matching wall lamps with identical shades, France ca. 1930, not marked, the hanging lamp is ...

Los 35

Hanging lamp

Classic hanging lamp with white glass ball carried by an angel, approx. 110 cm high

Los 36

Hanging lamp

Art Deco hanging lamp with 4 pasta glass shades, France ca. 1930, not marked, the hanging lamp is 63 cm high

Los 37

Hall lamp

Classic hall lamp with glass shade, approx. 50 cm high

Los 38

Hall lamp

Classic hall lamp with glass shade, approx. 50 cm high

Los 39

Hall lamp

Classic hall lamp with square glass shade, approx. 45 cm high

Los 40

Hanging lamp

Classic hanging lamp with glass bowl, not marked, possibly Daum Nancy, ca. 1900, 63 cm high, 31 cm diameter

Los 41

Writing table

Walnut with burr walnut writing table with drawers and control connection, 79 cm high, 118x67 cm

Oak Mechelen armchair with beautiful stitching and blue upholstered back and seat, backrest cm high

Los 43


Classic gold-coloured pedestal with Roman style decor, 20th century, composite, 74 cm high, 25.2 kilograms

Los 44


Walnut veneer Louis Seize style table with marquetry and parquetry inlays and bronze fittings, 20th century, 75 cm high, top 89x54 cm

Mahogany veneer Biedermeier sofa with striped upholstery, width 220 cm

Oak prayer chair with embroidered upholstery, backrest 92 cm high (various restorations)

Ebonized walnut mobile Bösendorfer grand piano with brass trim, standing on tapered legs, with serial number 7961, Vienna ca. 1870-1875, 98 cm hig...

2 classic black marble pedestals with brass elements, 102 cm high, 26x26 cm

Los 49

Walnut table

Walnut table with cross leg connection and stitching in legs, 76 cm high, top 170x110 cm

4 oak dining room armchairs with beautiful carvings of Viking ships and coats of arms and brown upholstery with motif, ca. 1930

Round rosewood veneer dining room table on column leg, standing on castors, 75 cm high, 137 cm diameter with 4 separate intermediate leaves of 27 ...

Los 52

10 chairs

8 leather dining room chairs and 2 armchairs with leather back and seat and walnut color frame

Oak spherical leg table with stitching and cross leg connection, 77 cm high, top 131.92 cm, with 2 extension leaves of 56 cm (1 corner ornament mi...

4 oak dining room armchairs with ornate armrests, round hood and green upholstery, ca. 1930 (1 control connection broken)

Los 55

Hanging lamp

Brass 5-light richly decorated Art Deco hanging lamp with 4 colored glass paste caps, 90 cm high, 51 cm diameter

Los 56

Hanging lamp

Brass 5-light ornate Art Deco hanging lamp with wooden column and white octagonal glass shades, 74 cm high, 63 cm diameter

Los 57

Pendant lamp

Metal Art Deco 5-light pendant lamp with walnut accents and glass chalices, 122 cm high and 72 cm diameter

Los 58

Hanging lamp

Copper 6-light Art Deco hanging lamp with glass shades, 95 cm high, 60 cm diameter

Los 59


Walnut Louis XV style armchair with rocaille crest and blue velvet upholstery

Mahogany Biedermeier penant cabinet, 102 cm high, 104 cm wide, 45 cm deep