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room Battle, East Sussex


Homes & Interiors: Collectables

Collectables, Glassware, Ceramics, Vinyl, Jewellery & Silver, Pictures

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A Vintage 'News Of The World' blue and white enamel advertising sign, 76cm x 30cmSome enamel loss around edge holes and 3 small circular impact ma...

A Second World War Period NAAFI (Navy, Army And Air Force Institutes) pictorial enamel sign, 76cm x 61cmEdges quite rusty and several enamel chips...

A Vintage Ogden's St Bruno "The Standard Dark Flake" enamel advertising sign, framed, overall 38cm x 130cmNo damage to enamel, frame is modern

A Vintage double-sided enamel Stationer & Newsagent advertising sign, with design verso for Stephens Inks, 25.5cm x 45.5cmGeneral wear all over an...

A 19th century carved and stained oak Blackamoor figure pedestal, height 50cm, diameter 34cm Base has a few small splits but all are stable, figur...

A graduated set of 6 pottery grocer's shop weights, by W & T Avery of Birmingham, comprising 2lb, 1lb, 8oz, 4oz, 2oz and 1oz, largest height 8cm (...

A Victorian Tunbridge Ware writing slope, rosewood ground with micro-mosaic panel lid depicting Battle Abbey, concave surround and fitted interior...

A Japanese bamboo sword stick, blade length 45cmSword section does not stay firmly inside sheath, sheath has multiple large splits to base, sword ...

THOMAS TURNER - a rare double-barrel shotgun, with rebounding back-action locks with scroll and game scene engraving and Spaniel on trigger guard,...

W W GREENER - a GP gun Martini underlever action 12 bore single-barrelled shotgun, serial no. 11433, barrel length 64cm, with deactivation certifi...

A large stained and cut-glass square-section lantern shade, with embossed frame and leadlight panels, height 37cm, width 24cm3 corner stained glas...

A Qajar polychrome painted wood mirror cabinet, Iran 19th century with double shutter doors, height 62cm, closed width 40cmInterior reverse painte...

A pair of Turkish Ottoman miniature gold and illuminated acrylic paintings, depicting The Whirling Dervish, both framed, overall 48cm x 41cm

A stained oak carpenter's table-top chest of drawers, filled with various tools, drill bits, woodworking chisel handles etc, and another smaller c...