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The Pictures Auction - TIMED AUCTION


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Ronald Moore - "Blyth BH 63" navigating choppy waters off the coast at Tynemouth, signed, oil on board, 40 x 60cms, in a gilt frame.

Alex Ballingall - The Catch, signed lower left, watercolour, 65 x 105cms, in gilt wooden frame.

After Willem Van Diest - Boats at Harbour, unsigned, oil on panel, 19.5 x 27cms, in a gilt frame.

Attributed to David Cox Jr - Valle Crucis Abbey, Denbighshire, unsigned, watercolour, 26.5 x 37cms, in a gilt frame.

John Davison Liddell - Two views of Tynemouth Priory, signed, oil on board, 11 x 8cms, in gilt frames. (a pair)

Evelyn Chester - Still life with garden roses and grapes, signed, oil on board, 18 x 28cms, in a gilt frame.

19th Century Continental School - Lake Scenes, unsigned, watercolour, 10 x 12cms, mounted, in gilt frames. (a trio)

Richard Flynn - Ramshackle Garden Wall, signed, pastel, 48 x 70cms, in a silvered frame.

Chris Sparrow - Still Life with Dog Daisies, Poppies, and Summer Blossom, signed, oil on board, 17 x 12cms, in a gilt frame.

Chris Sparrow - Two wild flower studies, watercolour, 12 x 12cms, in matching gilt frames. (a pair)

Chris Sparrow - Three works by the artist, comprising; Still Life with Fruit and a Macaw, oil on board, signed, 7.5 x 5.5cms, in a gilt frame; Sti...

19th Century British School - An angler amidst monumental nature, unsigned, watercolour, 43 x 60cms, in a gilt frame.

Edwin Ernest Morgan R.M.S. - "Flowers and Sunlight", signed, titled verso to artist's label, pastel, 45 x 35cms, in period gilt frame.

Janet Rawlins - Lakeland View with Pack Horse Bridge, signed, watercolour, 26 x 37cms, in wooden frame.

W* Taylor - "Dunstanburgh", signed and dated '89 lower right, watercolour, 15 x 20cms, in a wooden frame.

After Helen Bradley - Evening on the Promenade, pencil signed to the margin, with blindstamp, offset lithographic print, 47 x 61cms, in a gilt fra...

Norman Wade - "Durham", signed, titled, and dated '72, limited edition lithograph, 42 x 63cms, in a wooden frame.

John Rattenbury Skeaping - Grazing Antelope, signed within the work, offset lithographic print, 30 x 37cms, in a period kitsch frame.

Walter Holmes - Perspectives of Grey Street, Newcastle, signed, oil on board, 34 x 50cms, framed. (a pair)

Charles James Barraud - "The Greeting", signed lower left, watercolour, 42.5 x 26cms, in a gilt frame.

George Mackie - "From Eugenio Montale: Poesie, Edinburgh 1964", signed, titled, and dated to mount, pen and ink sketch, 13.5 x 12.5cms, framed; an...

John Briggs - "Hot Jazz at Ferrassieres", signed, titled verso, pastel, 27.5 x 33.5cms, in a contemporary pine frame.

After Arthur Wardle - On the Scent, three gun dogs in the grass, signed 'A. Wardle' lower left, oil on canvasboard, 18.5 x 23cms. in a modern gilt...

William Miller - A Brigantine Beached on the North East Coast, signed and dated '19, watercolour, 13 x 19cms, in a gilt frame.

13th Century French - Biblia Sacra illuminated manuscript page, 18 x 13cms; and another 13th Century illuminated manuscript page, 14 x 8cms, each ...

William Blake - "On Another's Sorrow", from 'Songs of Innocence and of Experience', etching, printed in earth red ink on cream paper as part of Al...

Winifred Eveline Wild - "Grey Lady", signed lower left, attributed and titled to a 'Royal Society of Portrait Painters' label verso, oil on canvas...

William Thomas Nicholas Boyce - Seascape, signed and dated 1908, watercolour, 35.5 x 50.5cms, in a gilt frame.

Rowland Langmaid - A view of St Paul's seen from the Thames, circa 1929, pencil signed, with blindstamp, etching and drypoint, 19 x 22cms, framed.

William Walcot - Bank of England and the Royal Exchange London, pencil signed to the margin, etching, 11.5 x 15cms, in a black lacquered frame (la...

Francois Davril (pseudonym of Lucien Dasselborne) - "Le Marronnier", pencil signed to the margin, etching, 22 x 16 cms, in a painted and parcel-g...

Victor Noble Rainbird - Sailing Ship in Stormy Seas, signed, watercolour, 16 x 24cms, in a gilt frame.

Wilson Hepple - Portrait of an elderly lady in a plaid shawl, signed and indistinctly dated upper left, watercolour, 24.5 x 19cms, in a modern fra...

A* M* Smith - "'Free to Roam' Above Uldale", signed lower right, watercolour, 37 x 48cms, in a gilt frame.

Howard Thompson - "Babbacombe Devon", signed, titled verso, oil on canvasboard, 17 x 23cms, in a gilt frame.

Thomas William Pattison - Newcastle Quayside, signed lower right, watercolour, 29 x 41.5cms, in a moulded frame.

David Andrews - Bird on a Berried Bough, signed, watercolour, 14 x 11cms, in a silvered frame.

Dudley Hallwood - Cartoon of a Master of Strategy, signed and dated 1947, watercolour and ink, 48 x 35cms, in a gilt frame.

Massimo Federico - "Spadaro", signed, titled verso, oil on board, 24 x 19cms, in a gilt frame.