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A signed Digby Page, oil on canvas, Derby artist,

Lot 2687

A signed Digby Page, oil on canvas, Derby artist, Ice Skaters

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Two Japanese watercolours,

Lot 2684

Two Japanese watercolours, maple frames

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Lot 130

German, caÊ1832. A pair of silhouettes painted on paper with handwritten inscriptionsÊin German, including the sitters' names and dates. Each in a...

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Lot 132

Likely American, 19th-20th century. A full-length cut-out silhouette of a young boy with chalk embellishments, a bust-length cut-out silhouette of...

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Lot 137

American, 19th century. A portrait miniature in watercolor on paper of a young man. Housed in a period ovalÊleather case; 3 x 2.5 in.Ê

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Lot 146

American, lateÊ19th-early 20th century. Watercolor and pencilÊon paper. A naiveÊportrait of a child with brownÊhair,ÊwearingÊa red dress with a wh...

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Lot 148

American, 19th century. A watercolor sketch of a man holding a top hat and ring, with inscription l.l. A Gift / to Miss Gaylord, and signed l.r. E...

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Lot 165

Haskell and Allen (American, 19th century). An 1871 framed large folio coloredÊlithograph designed by E. E. Howe; 25.25 x 18 in. (plate size).Ê

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Lot 262

American, late 19th-early 20th century. A round, trifold mirror with beveled glass and painted exterior, two sides painted with bust-length Native...

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Lot 310

American. One painted reliquary on tin, and three mixed media reliquaries; largest 14.75 x 9 in.Ê

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Lot 432

Russian, 19th century. Tempera on wood with pierced riza. An icon depicting the Virgin and her child surrounded by Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jac...

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Lot 435

Russian, 19th century. Tempera on wood withÊriza. Two icons, one depicting the Lady of Kazan, the other representing the Virgin Hodegetria, eachÊw...

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Lot 442

Possibly German, 16th-17th century. A pair of oil on leather wedding portraits, laid over a panel and housed in 18th century carved painted and gi...

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Lot 452

Tuscan Wedding Dance (Basso Danza)tempera on woodunsignedartist attribution and title on plaque, and on verso of panelca 1470framed 11.25 x 20.5 i...

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Lot 482

Continental (possiblyÊSpanish). AÊBaroque-styleÊpolychrome and giltwood Solomonic column, carved with grape clusters and vines;Êht. 50.75 in.Ê

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Lot 515

English (19th century). A framed oil on canvas depictingÊaÊseatedÊwoman in a white dress, unsigned; 9.5 x 7.5 in. (sight).Ê

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Lot 517

William Samuel Howitt (English, 1765-1822). Engraving on paper, unframed;Ê13.25 x 17.25 in. (plate size).Ê

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Lot 593

Coney Island etching signed in margin l.r. titled and inscribed E.D.50 in margin l.l. framed 9 x 10 in. (plate size) Ê ...[more]

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Lot 606

American, 19th century. Oil on canvas, framed. A seated portrait of a man in a frock coat, unsigned; 29 x 25.25 in. (sight).Ê

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Lot 608

American, 19th century. A framed oil on canvas showing aÊportrait of a woman, purportedly Sarah Bernhardt, signed illegibly c.l.; 10.75 in. (dia. ...

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Lot 633

Coastal Scene, Possibly Rockport, MA oil on canvas signed l.r. framed 24.5 x 29.5 in. (sight) 1962 label on reverse of canvas reading Honor...

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Lot 634

The Smoky Mountains oil on canvas unsigned 1946 framed under glass 11 x 19.25 in. (sight) Ê ...[more]

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Lot 656

Yellowlegs at Dusketchingsigned in margin in pencil l.l.framed7.75 x 11.75 in. (plate size)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 668

Young Oaksoil on canvassigned l.l.titled on plaqueframed17.5 x 23.5 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 699

Stream Scenewatercolor on papersigned l.r.framed and matted9 x 12.5 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 703

Coastal Scene, Probably Maineoil on canvassigned l.r.housed in a gilt frame with early Suder's Gallery, Cincinnati label 7.5 x 9.5 in. (sight)Ê ....

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Lot 706

Societywatercolor on papersigned l.r.caÊ1912-1914 framed17.75 x 24 in.Ê(sight)Phillips created this illustration for the 1914 copy of the Kenyon C...

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Lot 714

Suspended Moment oil on canvas signed l.l. and on reverse dated 1970 on reverse titled on reverse and on plaque framed 29 x 39 in. (sight) ...

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Lot 718

American, ca 1930s. Bronze on marble base, signed J.D. Olt near base; ht. 8.5, lg. 16.5 in.Ê ...[more]

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Lot 726

Cossack with Two Borzoi bronze inscribed artistÊsignature in Cyrillic script at base foundry stamp ÊFABRÊC. F. WOERFFEL, ST. PETERSBOURG at bas...

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Lot 750

Indian,Ê19th century. Gouache on paper, framed, depicting aÊRaja seated on a throne,Êflanked by two attendants holding a torch and a fan, all floa...

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Lot 785

Chinese,Ê19th century. Oil on board, housed in a wooden frame.ÊA depiction ofÊa three-masted junk in a harbor, unsigned; 9.25 x 12.75 in. (sight).Ê

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Lot 821

Girl with Catoil on canvas boardsigned l.r.framed14.75 x 20.75 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 131

American, mid-19th century. A watercolor silhouette of a seated woman; 9.25 x 7.25 in. (sight), 12.25 x 10.5 in. (frame).Ê

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Lot 134

American, 19th century.ÊA miniature portrait on ivory of physician and professor Caspar Wistar (1761-1818), signed Benj. Otis and housed in a muse...

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Lot 136

American or English, mid-19th century. A watercolor on paper miniature portrait of a girl holding a dog, unsigned withÊpartial inscription on back...

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Lot 138

Continental, first half 19th century. A pair of portraits on tin, each housed in aÊwooden frame,Êof a man and woman, the man in a black suit and w...

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Lot 154

American, late 19th century.ÊOil on canvas, framed, unsigned; 10 x 11.5 in. (sight).Ê

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Lot 155

American, late 19th century. Oil on academy board, housed in a gilt frame. An unusual depiction ofÊseveral figures in pursuit of a polar bear, wit...

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Lot 163

American, second half 19th century. A pair of framedÊhand-colored still life prints of fruit, entitled Summer Fruits and Autumn Fruits, with publi...

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Lot 195

American. A group of fiveÊShaker plant labels forÊmotherwort, sarsaparilla, horehound, deadly nightshade and wolf bane, each from New Lebanon, NY,...

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Lot 304

American, 20th century. A folk art carving of a tiger, depicted with its mouth open andÊteeth baredÊwhile descending a rocky incline, with natural...

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Lot 327

American, early 20th century. An assembled group of five pyrography boxes,Êhaving hinged, rectangular lids and open interiors, the exteriors decor...

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Lot 337

American, early 20th century. An assembled group of five pyrography portrait plaques, including four ofÊfemale subjects and one of an American Ind...

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Lot 396

American. Two tramp art carved round frames, one housing a print of a young man; largerÊdia. 11.25 in.Ê

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Lot 431

Russian, 19th century. Tempera on wood with gilt and enameled riza. An icon depicting Christ the Teacher with a raised and polychrome enameled hal...

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Lot 440

German, 17th century. Oil on copper plate, housed in contemporary shadow boxÊframe. Depicting the Virgin Mary holding the infant Christ with the S...

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Lot 444

German, 18th century. Oil on canvas, laid on board, housed in an oval gilt frame surmounted by a wreath and crown, showing a portrait of Frederick...

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Lot 458

Portrait of the Artist's Wifecharcoal on papersigned l.l.framed16 x 11.75 in. (sheet size)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 465

Interior Genre Sceneoil on canvas unsigned framed 18.5 x 23 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 481

Continental. A marble pedestal with gilt metal decorative band, on a square marble base;Êht. 39.5 in., top wd. 13, dp. 13 in.Ê

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Lot 509

Sheep in Pastoral Landscapeoil on panel signed and dated 1831 l.r.framed8 x 12.25 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 592

"Four Freedoms" Series: Freedom from Want Freedom from Fear Freedom of Worship Freedom of Speech 4 collotypes signed in print l.l. and outside of...

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Lot 596

Harbor and Skyscraper lithograph numbered 1/50, dated 1931, and signed in margin l.l. framed 16.75 x 12 in. (plate size) Ê ...[more]

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Lot 641

Still Life with Bouquetoil on canvassigned l.r.framed30 x 36 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 649

Railroad Crossingoil on panelsigned and dated 1934Êl.l.titled on label on reverseKraushaar Gallery, NY, label on reverseframed 24.25 x 19.75 in. (...

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Lot 655

John James Audubon (French/American, 1785-1851). A framed 1840sÊhand-colored lithograph of an American Elk and Wapiti Deer, signed l.l., creditÊto...

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Lot 662

Cattle Near Streamwatercolor on paperunsignedÊartist attribution withÊlabel on versoframed14.5 x 19.5 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 670

Venice, Campiello Nuvopastel on papersigned and titled l.l.framed20.5 x 16.5 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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Lot 671

Nocturnal Winter Saloon Scene watercolor signed l.r. framed and matted 11.5 x 17.5 in. (sight)Ê ...[more]

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