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By James D. Julia

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MAGNIFICENT LORENZONI SYSTEM FLINTLOCK REPEATING RIFLE BY SEBASTIAN HAUSCHKA PRESENTED TO KING LOUIS XV BEARING HIS PERSONAL CIPHER A CROWNED L IN GOLD AS WELL AS THE FRENCH ROYAL ARMS, NUMBER 464 FROM THE ROYAL CABINET D`ARMES, CIRCA 1735.Cal. .380 Groove diameter. 7 deep rounded grooves. This extraordinary rifle is of the very highest quality throughout, befitting a royal presentation piece and is also an exceptional rarity being a repeating rifle built on the Lorenzoni/Berselli system with a rotating breech accessing separate ball and powder magazines contained in the butt and operated by a 2.75 inch silver lever on the left side. The action is manually operated as opposed to cocking with each action of the lever as on many Lorenzoni system long guns and pistols. The action is of fire gilded bronze. The 25.5 inch swamped, octagonal barrel is engraved “Sebastian Hauschka A Wolfenbuttel (1695-1775). One of the great masters of 18th century German gunmaking, Hauschka was appointed as maker to the Court of Prince and Duke August Wilhelm von Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel. As a Court maker, Hauschka was required to make the most elaborate guns for presentation to foreign monarchs such as The Holy Roman Emperor, Charles VI, King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria ordered by the Prince of Salm, and the present rifle for King Louis XV of France. The flat lock of steel with separate priming magazine of fire gilded brass has a rebated tail and deeply moulded bevels. The cock is en suite with the lock and displays Hauschka`s characteristic artistry in steel carving. All furniture is of brilliantly fire gilded brass. Trigger guard is fluted at bow and spurred at wrist with decorative filed finials.The buttplate which offers access to the magazines has a broad tang with hinged receptacle and a spring loaded cover retained by a button catch. The inside of the lid is engraved “Hauschka Pinxit”, Latin for “Hauschka Painted This”, referring to the relief carved mother of pearl portrait of Louis XV which it once contained, now missing. All features and embellishments on King Louis XV`s rifle are of the highest order of gunmaking. The gold on the barrel is inlaid and engraved rather than damascened. The most important of these inlays is the personal insignia of the French King himself, consisting of mirror image “L`s” between an X and a V in an oval with crossed laurel leaves behind, surmounted by a Sovereign`s crown and all surmounted by a sun in splendor. Other gold inlays are of a helmeted warrior, doubtless Louis XV, with elaborate border over an oval cartouche with the Bourbon lilies, the three fleur de lis. The gilded action is finely engraved with acanthus at the breech end. A likeness of Louis XV in a tricorn hat flanked by two of his hunting dogs appears on the top of the action drum. The tang is engraved with a classical Romanesque laureled head. The rebated section of the lockplate is chiseled in low relief with scrolls and engraved with a stag. A grotesque face is engraved behind the cock. The buttplate is cast and chased in high relief, nearly in the round, and a Sovereign`s crown adorns the door of the magazine. The stock is of the finest, highly figured, stump walnut with exceptional quality relief carving of acanthus scrolls, dragon heads, and grotesques. The molded and sculpted borders extend along the sides of the toe which is incised with the inventory number of the French Royal Cabinet d`Armes “464.” The butt is adorned with incredibly engraved silver plaques featuring mythological beasts, Putti, and scrolling wire after designs in the pattern books of Jacquinet and DeLacollombe (1705) in the so-called Berain style as in the Le Conte gun made for Louis XIV and inlaid in silver by Jean Berain. The right side is inlaid with Putti and a griffon and the left a Putti over a Sovereign`s crown. The fore-end is of straight grain walnut, pinned to t

* The description of the above lot by the auctioneer in the language of the auction is the governing description. Any translation using Google translate is a guide only - its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and it is used at your own risk.
Estimate: 150,000 USD - 250,000 USD
Category: Fine Art & Antiques

Two Day March Firearms Auction

  • Venue Address

  • 203 Skowhegan Road
  • Fairfield
  • Maine
  • 04937
  • United States
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  • Sale Date

  • 11 Mar 2013 10:00 EST
  • 12 Mar 2013 10:00 EST
  • Viewing dates

  • 08 Mar 2013 09:00 EST - 17:00 EST
  • 09 Mar 2013 09:00 EST - 17:00 EST
  • 11 Mar 2013 08:00 EST - 10:00 EST
  • 12 Mar 2013 08:00 EST - 10:00 EST
  • 10 Mar 2013 09:00 EST - 17:00 EST

Important Information

Buyer's Premium 15%

If payment is made by credit card the buyer’s premium shall be the standard 17% of the final bid price which will be applied to each lot sold to be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price.


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